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Driving Safety & Rehabilitation Research Laboratory

DSRRL LabThe Driving Safety and Rehabilitation Research Laboratory (DSRRL) is focused on improving social participation through driving and community mobility. This laboratory is housed within the IU School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences’ Department of Occupational Therapy. In the United States, the ability to travel without depending on others has become synonymous with independence, autonomy, dignity, self-esteem, and the personal automobile. The older adult population is the fastest growing age cohort and many will outlive their ability to drive due to declining physical, sensory, and cognitive skills. Some policy experts believe this may pose a public health crisis. Current research efforts are focused on: assessments to identify deficits in driving-related skills and driving performance; rehabilitation and intervention strategies to maintain driving independence; and use of transportation alternatives when driving is no longer a safe option to maintain community mobility and participation. The DSRRL is equipped with driving and activity simulators as well as visual, cognitive and sensory assessment technology.


Lab Contact Information

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Photo: Dr. Michael Justiss - PhD, OTR Dr. Michael Justiss - PhD, OTRAssociate Professor317-278-4201