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Silver Hoosiers-Health and Aging Research Lab

Silver Hoosier LabThe mission of Silver Hoosiers-Health and Aging Research Lab is to promote independence in seniors. In our lab, we study how to make health information understandable for the older adults. Understanding health information is important for older adults to follow treatment regimen especially for those who have multiple chronic conditions. However, most health information is hard to understand in terms of complexity of the information as well as difficulty of the medical jargons. We study how the information can be simplified through the increase of text cohesion or the use of illustrations. The lab is equipped with state of art eye-tracking technology to assist the study. Our goal is to provide guidelines for healthcare professionals about how to produce effective health education materials for the senior population.

Silver Hoosiers LabIn our lab, we also study the relationship between physical activity and physical functioning in older adults via systematic review. People lose muscle mass and muscle strength due to the process of aging. The loss of muscle strength can affect seniors’ ability to carry out daily tasks. We appraise existing literature to synthesize evidence about using physical activity to increase functioning. Our goal is to provide evidence-based intervention guidelines for healthcare professionals.