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SHRS Student Learning and Research Facilitation Lab

Project Director: Dr. Patricia J Scott, Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.
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: 278-0702

The SHRS Student Learning and Research Facilitation Lab is a 1655 sq. ft. area in the south east basement of Coleman Hall. The lab is an innovative flexible learning, skills practice, and faculty/student mentored SHRS learning and research environment. The space is utilized by undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate level students and rehabilitation researchers from the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS).

The space can be divided into four separate areas using accordion type shutters, to provide SHRS students and faculty an environment to:

  1. Interact and collaborate within and between healthcare disciplines
  2. Practice clinical skills with access to equipment and materials necessary to simulate rehabilitation training
  3. Study individually
  4. Study in groups from the same or different disciplines
  5. Participate in group classroom and research projects with access to cutting edge interactive  A-V equipment
  6. Attend small in-services, research study circles, and mentoring sessions
  7. Assist in faculty sponsored research projects

The IUPUI School of Health and Rehabilitation is an alliance of programs who, from their discipline perspectives, desire to enhance the quality of a patient/client’s life.  In the “real “world, these disciplines work together to provide high quality therapy to patients. However, at this time, SHRS students have limited interaction with each other outside of their discipline. This was, prior to the Learning Lab, partly due to a lack of a common space for students to meet and work together. It is well accepted that students who train or work together in school will enjoy enhanced relationships with other disciplines during their professional careers.

Advisory Committee: 

  • Dr. Peter Altenburger, Assistant Professor and Co-Chair, Physical Therapy
  • Kimberly Biberstien, Occupational Therapy Student
  • Dr Sara Blackburn, Associate Clinical Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Linda Blacketer, Administrator, SHRS Deans Office
  • Dr. Thomas Fisher, Professor and Chair, Occupational Therapy
  • Chris Gouly, Physical Therapy Student
  • Dr.Terry Loghmani, Associate Clinical Professor, Physical Therapy
  • Dr. Arlene Schmid, Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy