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Doctor of Physical Therapy

Graduates of this educational program will enter the profession as practitioners who are prepared to practice as autonomous point-of-entry providers of physical habilitation and rehabilitation services in adherence to ethical, professional and legal standards within a variety of clinical settings.

Graduation Requirements

Satisfactory completion of 106 graduate credit hours, including clinical education. All course work must be completed in compliance with the program's and school's academic and professional policies.


The following outline depicts the curriculum requirements for the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program. It also outlines the order in which courses must be taken.

Download the curriculum as a pdf

First Year

Semester 1 (Fall) P510 Clinical Integration I (1 credit)
P511 Clinical Decision Making & Professionalism (2 credits)
P513 Functional Anatomy & Clinical Biomechanics (5 credits)
P515 Introduction to Physical Therapy Examination & Interventions I (3 credits)
D850 Gross Anatomy (8 credits)
Semester 2 (Spring) P520 Clinical Integration II (1 credit)
P526 Introduction to Physical Therapy Examination & Interventions II (5 credits)
P531 Clinical Pathophysiology I (4 credits)
P534 Introduction to Motor Sciences (2 credits)
P570 Pharmacology for Physical Therapists (3 credits)
P646 Introduction to Therapeutic Interventions (4 credits)
Semester 3
(Summer I - 6 weeks)
P599 Clinical Education I (3 credits)
Semester 4
(Summer II - 5 weeks)
P514 Evidence Based Critical Inquiry I (2 credits)

Second Year

Semester 5 (Fall) P533 Lifespan Motor Development & Motor Control (2 credits)
P535 Clinical Pathophysiology II (4 credits)
P643 Psychosocial Dimensions of Physical Therapy Practice (2 credits)
P645 Evidence Based Critical Inquiry II (2 credits)
D852 Neuroscience & Clinical Neurology (5 credits)
Semester 6 (Spring) P524 Cardiopulmonary Practice Patterns (3 credits)
P541 Musculoskeletal Practice Patterns I (4 credits)
P610 Integrated Clinical Education III (2 credits)
P641 Neurorehabilitation I (4 credits)
P650 Integumentary Practice Patterns (2 credits)
P680 Health Promotion and Community Outreach (2 credits)
Semester 7
(Summer II - 6 weeks)
P532 Legal & Ethical Issues in Physical Therapy (2 credits)
P695 Clinical Education II (3 credits)

Third Year

Semester 8 (Fall) P622 Musculoskeletal Practice Patterns II (4 credits)
P642 Neurorehabilitation II (4 credits)
P660 Selected Topics in Physical Therapy (3 credits)
P661 Prosthetic & Orthotic Interventions (2 credits)
P664 Administration & Management of Physical Therapy Services (3 credits)
Semester 9 (Spring) P696 Clinical Education III - 10 Weeks (5 credits)
P697 Clinical Education IV - 8 weeks (4 credits)
P675 Capstone Seminar (1 credit)


Optional Courses

P685 Topics in Sports Rehabilitation (1 credit)
P685 Instrumented Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (GRASTON) (1 credit)
P699 Clinical Specialty Experience (1 credit)

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