Student Outreach Clinic

The Student Outreach Clinic is an interdisciplinary service learning medical clinic established by Indiana University School of Medicine Office of Medical Service-Learning. BastonThe clinic provides gratis health care and professional services (medicine, pharmacy, dental, law, social work, and physical and occupational therapy) to address disparity needs of an inner-city community in Indianapolis. All clinic services are facilitated among the student partners with oversight from faculty among the various health professional programs. The clinic is open every Saturday from 10 a.m.–2 p.m. at Neighborhood Fellowship Church.

IU Occupational Therapy and IU Physical Therapy (in consortium with the University of Indianapolis Krannert School of Physical Therapy) student volunteers provide gratis rehabilitation services at the clinic on a bi-monthly schedule. All clinic services are facilitated among the student volunteers with oversight from faculty among the various health professional programs.

For more information about this clinic, please contact Dr. Terry Loghmani at or Professor Sharon Pape at    

  • OT and PT Volunteers Needed

    The Indiana University (IU) Departments of Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) are reaching out to licensed occupational  and physical therapists in the community to take part in IU Student Outreach Clinic (IU SOC) as adjunct faculty supervisors. The IU SOC is a student-run free clinic on the near eastside of Indianapolis, in a neighborhood with sharply limited access to healthcare. The clinic brings dental, law, nursing, medical, occupational therapy, physical therapy, public health, and social work services to the community on Saturdays year round, with occupational therapy and  physical therapy twice a month. In addition to the innumerable benefits to the community, IU SOC enhances the health professions through student engagement in inter-professional collaboration, hands on practice, and discourse with faculty supervisors. The faculty supervisors at IU SOC are just as invaluable as the student volunteers as they provide the clinical expertise to help guide student decision-making as well as ensure the safety and well-being of the patients. An adjunct faculty supervisor must be willing to staff the clinic from 10am till 2pm for a minimum of two weekends per year, and have a license in good standing, professional liability insurance, a criminal background check and one year’s clinical experience. Supervisors listen to subjective and objective information from the students, make recommendations on students’ assessment and intervention, and provide guidance on further evaluation needed or adjustments to the interventions. On complex patients, a supervisor may be needed in a patient treatment room for additional support. Finally, the supervisor signs off on all documentation. Volunteering as a supervisor at the clinic is an excellent way to give back to an underserved area of Indianapolis and give valuable knowledge to the students who will soon be working in the field. To learn more about the clinic, please visit For questions and to volunteer, email . or .

Smiling students hold physical therapy instruments.