Commitment to Diversity

The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is committed to providing an advancing and diverse atmosphere for our students, faculty, and staff. We recognize the growing diverse atmosphere at IUPUI, and we share the commitment to encourage that growth. To assist the growth of a culturally diverse environment we:
An Asian student smiles at a companion.
  • Offer field related diversity courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Have developed a process for self-assessment at the organizational and individual levels
  • Provide a forum for safe and honest dialogue within the school
  • Maintain a close relationship and understanding with diversity offices and programs at the IUPUI campus
  • Recruit a student body, faculty, and staff from different backgrounds

By offering a diverse academic community, we are able to fully prepare our students for the varying workplaces they will enter after receiving a certificate or degree from the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

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