Duncan D’Amico

2015-16 BS in Health Sciences Sophomore

Duncan D’Amico, a sophomore in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, has his eyes on a future in physical therapy. That future was inspired by his past.

“I grew up in a family with a medical background. My dad was a prosthetist and would work with amputees all the time, and I would help out with the family business.”

Duncan imagines that someday he may also help amputees, but he hopes to help an even broader range of clients.

“I just thought that the field of physical therapy was more appealing to me because with PT, I can work with anyone. I have also had physical therapy myself.”

Duncan chose the IUPUI School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences program for the competitive cost, the convenience of commuting from his home, and for the flexibility the degree affords.

“As far as the degree, the bachelor of science in health sciences was the best plan for me as far as prerequisites for graduate physical therapy programs. There are other students who choose a major like kinesiology, but the health sciences classes appealed to me more.”

Duncan takes some of his classes online, a convenience that allows him to work as an assistant at a local rehabilitation clinic. This experience has provided him a jump-start in professional knowledge.

“The workload I see in PT is astronomical. I think what brought me to it is that it’s a growing field. More people are living longer lives and the need for more therapists is increasing.

Duncan’s goal is to enter into the graduate physical therapy program at IUPUI once he has earned his bachelor’s degree.