Breann Johnson

2015-16 BS in Health Sciences Junior

Breann Johnson, a junior in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, is motivated by two interests: helping others, and sports. Breann believes a bachelor of science in health sciences will be the ticket to a career that satisfies both interests.

“I enjoy sports a lot so my goal in the long term is that I would like to be a physical therapist for a professional sports team, or as a backup plan, possibly start my own practice some day.”

Breann would most enjoy working with a professional football team since she enjoys watching the game. She could see herself working with basketball players as well. With the intensity of high-level athletics, though, comes many injuries.

 “I want to help people,” Breann said, “And with physical therapy I could see (patients’) progress so I could share that bond with them as they heal and grow.”

Breann’s next step toward fulfilling her career goal is to enter the graduate physical therapy program at IUPUI once she completes her bachelor’s degree.

Part of the appeal of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences for Breann is being able to take some of her classes online.

“It gives me an opportunity to take more classes. This semester I only have to come to campus for two classes.”  

What is Breann’s advice to any high school students considering the program? “I would say try it out. With health sciences you can go into so many fields in hospitals and health care settings. If you’re planning on graduate school, this gives you a great background. The degree offers a lot of flexibility.”