Nathan Lechien

2014 BS in Health Sciences

2017 MS in Physician Assistant Studies

“My ultimate goal is to become a physician assistant and practice in Indiana with an emphasis on global mission work.  I know I can get the best PA education at IU.”  After graduation, Nathan enrolled in the MS in Anatomy with the IU School of Medicine to help bolster his chances of getting into the IU PA program.  This program has strengthened his foundational science which he knows will help him in the challenging PA program.The dream of getting into the IU Physician Assistant program motivated Nathan to the BS in Health Sciences major, specifically the health professional track. 

Nathan currently works with Total Wellness as part of a screening team that conducts insurance wellness screenings for area employers.  He also works at IU Health as a medical assistant in their outpatient center.  These positions help him prepare for the PA program, and gives him the patient exposure he enjoys. “I just love working with patients, and know that a career as a physician assistant is for me.”