Kristine Milbath

2015-16 BS in Health Sciences Senior

Kristin Milbrath, a senior in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, wants to change the world with her degree. She wants to shine a light on countries where basic healthcare needs are not being met.

“I really want to work for an organization like the United Nations or the World Health Organization.”

After an uncertain start and a few changes of major, Kristin discovered global heath was her passion.

“After I took my first class for the global heath certificate, I realized I wanted to help in other countries because a lot of them do not have health systems. There are some countries where the governments are corrupt and keep the healthcare money for themselves instead of caring for the people. I want to help people who are sadly in this situation.”

Kristin and some of her classmates had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo over the summer to learn about another nation’s approach to health care. It was eye opening.

“We learned about the differences between a nursing program there and here, and also saw the differences between a hospital there and here. Some of the differences were very miniscule, but others were big. They have universal healthcare coverage.”

What was striking to Kristin was the intersection between transportation choices and overall health.

“Most people there walk a lot or take bikes. When we visited the nursing school we only saw a handful of cars there. It was all bikes. The obesity rate there is four percent. It seemed like a healthier nation.”

Kristin’s short-term plans include finding an internship in the global health field. Tim Scully, the SHRS Career Services Director, is helping her track down an internship that meets her needs and interests.

What advice would Kristin give to students considering IUPUI’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences?

“I would tell them to go with your heart. When I first came to IUPUI, I was doing what other people told me to do. But then I decided to do global health. I decided it was something I want to do and I love it.”