Christian Porter

2015-16 BS in Health Sciences Sophomore

Christian Porter, a sophomore in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, knows how reassuring it feels to receive quality medical care. Now, he wants to pay that forward by becoming a physician assistant someday.

“Going though high school, I had a few sports-related surgeries. What caught my attention about the physician assistants is that they really get the importance of your health.”

Christian wants to work as a surgical physician assistant, helping patients in sports medicine practices. A multi-sport athlete in high school, Christian had his fair share of surgeries and recoveries to endure.

“The injuries came from a combination of football and baseball. I tore a posterior labrum, and from football I tore a meniscus in the knee. I also tore some cartilage and had more surgery.”

To help complete his transition from patient to professional, Christian will be performing an internship in the anatomy and biology department at IUPUI this fall.

Christian observes that a health sciences degree provides some flexibility compared to other academic programs.

“I like that it is versatile and if I changed my mind I could switch to something else in the medical field. It’s always good to have a major where you can change. You are never really tied down to one thing. It’s good to keep your options open.”

Christian is unlikely to change his mind, though. He wants to be the kind of physician assistant who helped him through his injuries.

“They cared and put me as the patient first.”