Undergraduate Certificate in Nutrition

The Undergraduate Certificate in Nutrition prepares students to sort nutrition fact from nutrition fiction and nutrition mythology.  Graduates of the Undergraduate Certificate in Nutrition will be able to make well-informed nutrition choices for themselves, their families, their clients and patients.  

Length of program
The Undergraduate Nutrition Certificate requires twelve credit hours. All courses are offered online fall and spring semesters. A minimum grade of C (not C-) must be earned in each course to successfully complete the Undergraduate Certificate in Nutrition.

Undergraduate Nutrition Certificate Plan of Study

Courses(all are required) Title Credits Term Planned
SHRS N 265 or HPER N 220 Nutrition and Exercise Nutrition for Health 3.0 Fall
SHRS N 365 Translating Nutrition: From Theory to Practice 3.0 Spring
SHRS W 361 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 3.0 Fall
SHRS N 420 Human Nutrition through the Lifespan 3.0 Spring

Note: SHRS N 265 is the prerequisite course for all additional nutrition courses required in the certificate. SHRS N 265 may not be taken concurrent with SHRS N 365 or SHRS N 420. After successfully completing SHRS N 265, the student could enroll in SHRS N 365 and SHRS N 420 in the same semester.

The Undergraduate Certificate in Nutrition serves two student audiences:

  • students preparing for professional programs in the health care like nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, medicine, dentistry or other health related fields
  • students interested in improving their own and their families’ health.

Admissions Requirements:

  • In order to be accepted into our Undergraduate Certificate in Nutrition, you must be admitted to IUPUI as an undergraduate degree or non-degree seeking student. Contact our Nutrition and Dietetics department for additional information or to schedule a counseling appointment.
  • Courses in the undergraduate certificate in nutrition can be used to fulfill requirements for the BS in Health Sciences. If you are interested in this degree, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  • If you are not currently admitted to IUPUI, you will need to complete the admission requirements established for IUPUI, the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and when applicable, the Office of International Affairs. IUPUI’s minimum admission requirements are determined by your student status.

Questions? Contact us at 317.274.4702 or email at shrsinfo@iupui.edu.