GoBabyGo@IU is ...

GoBabyGo@IU is a chapter of the GoBabyGo program started by Cole Galloway from the University of Delaware.  

IU students and alumni participating in GoBabyGo@IU make a difference every day for children with cognitive and motor developmental delays.

Our mission is much the same: we seek to provide cost-effective therapeutic assistive devices for children in the community with motor and cognitive developmental delays.
GoBabyGo@IU is completely donor-funded and managed by students.  
We can't do this all on our own - we accomplish this goal with the help of a lot of people.  These include:

In addition:
  • we use vehicles and funds donated to us to supply our design teams with the tools necessary for the custom builds;
  • we custom design the vehicles to meet each child's specific physical therapy goals; and
  • the modifications can be very complicated: installing induino boards to modulate the acceleration, extra kill switches and governing the speed for safety, and providing switches with modifiable difficulty to allow for progression.
We are so grateful for the friends, family, and alumni who have donated to our cause.  We also seek to treat an older demographic of children than some GBG programs. 
If you are interested in donating now, click here.
If you would like to contact us for more information, check out our Facebook page HERE.