The IU MPAS program is very rigorous. Each semester offers an average of 16 credit hours and is modeled on the medical school curriculum—a combination of traditional classroom teaching and clinical instruction.

Students should expect to be available Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. for program-related activities.

During the seven-semester curriculum, students will participate in 15 months of classroom training followed by 12 months of supervised clinical practice experience in nine required clinical specialties, one medical sub-specialty, and two elective rotations.

Courses have been specifically designed and sequenced to prepare students to administer medical care to patients. This curriculum will prepare students provide patient-centered care and to collegially work in physician-PA teams in an inter-professional team environment.

In accordance with the ARC-PA standards and with the desire to graduate competent health practitioners who are capable of delivering high quality health care, rigorous academic standards have been established for continued matriculation in the IU MPAS Program.

Students are expected to complete all course assignments as outlined in individual course syllabi and to meet the IU MPAS Program academic standards.

The program does not grant advanced placement to any applicant. No courses taken prior to entrance in the program will substitute for any required courses within the program.

Physician Assistant Courses

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