Application Information

All applications and required documentation must be submitted no later than August 1st.

The Admissions Committee will review complete applications. Candidates who are ineligible based on the selection criteria will be notified and will not receive further consideration. Based on the application review, selected candidates will be invited for an interview. Program interviews will occur in October. Participation in an on-campus interview is mandatory.

Interviews are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. Candidates will be notified of their interview status by mid-September.

The most competitive applicants will likely be those that have surpassed the minimum academic requirements and have a clear understanding of the program mission and the PA profession. Feedback to unsuccessful applicants is limited because of staff availability. 

A background screening will be required if you are accepted into the Program.

Complete applications consist of the following items:

  • Prerequisite Course Completion Form

    Submit a prerequisite course completion form as you complete the IUPUI Online Graduate Application by uploading the completed form under Department Information then Additional Upload section.  Prerequisite courses must be completed by the time of application, with the exception of one, which must be completed prior to May 13, 2019, the program start date.

    View the list of academic prerequisites »

  • Declaration of Intent to Complete Degree Requirements

    Submit a completed Declaration of Intent to Complete Degree Requirements form as you complete the IUPUI Online Graduate Application by uploading the completed form under Department Information then Additional Upload section. 

    You need to submit the above form if you do not currently hold a baccalaureate (bachelor’s) degree by the time of application (August 1st). Note: All degree requirements must be completed before the start of classes, May 13, 2019.  No coursework, exams, projects, or other academic requirements may be outstanding as of this date. Those applying without a degree will be required to submit a final transcript with proof of degree awarded. Applicants holding a bachelor’s degree at the time of application may omit this form from the application packet.

  • IUPUI Online Graduate Application

    Students must submit a completed and paid online application. Submit the IUPUI Online Graduate Application.

    For "Intended Program and Plan" select the following:

    • What type of degree do you intend to pursue?: Masters
    • Academic Program: SHHS-Physician Assistant Studies
    • Academic Plan: Physician Assistant MPAS
    • Are you applying to a dual degree program: No
    • Please upload a completed Prerequisite Course Completion form here under Department Information, then Additional Upload:
    • References: Only two references are reviewed; one reference must come from a Physician Assistant. References must be submitted through the CASPA application.
    • PLEASE NOTE: Submit all transcripts, references, and the personal statement in CASPA only!
  • CASPA Application

    Students must submit a completed and paid CASPA application.  Click on CASPA application to access the online application. The CASPA application must be in “Complete” status on or before August 1st. No exceptions can be made.  The “Submit” date and the “Complete” date are different dates in CASPA so submit your application early enough so it will have “Complete” status by the deadline of August 1st.

    • The CASPA fee is $177 to submit an application and one program.  It is $51 for each additional program.
  • Personal Statement

    Write a personal statement regarding your interest in becoming a Physician Assistant and submit it in CASPA in the “Personal Statement” section.  Evidence of plagiarism in these documents will result in an application denial and will receive no further consideration.

  • Documentation of Patient Care Involvement

    Record all patient care involvement hours (must have a minimum of 500 hours, with a minimum of 10 of these hours shadowing with a PA) in the CASPA application in the “Experiences” section

  • Official Transcripts

    Submit to CASPA ONLY official transcripts from ALL colleges and universities attended. Those without bachelor’s degrees must be finished with all degree requirements and prerequisite courses by the start of the program, May 13, 2019.  Those who will not have all academic requirements and prerequisite courses completed by this date are ineligible. No exceptions are possible. An institution that is regionally accredited in the United States must award the degree. For degrees earned outside of the United States, see “Coursework Completed Outside of the United States” in the sidebar.

  • GRE (General Exam) Scores

    Scores must be from exams that occurred in the last five years from application deadline. CASPA GRE code: 3752. There is no department/program sub-code. GRE score should be sent from the testing agency.