Application Information for the Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Applications will be accepted beginning July 19, 2018, through October 1, 2018, for consideration for admission in May 2019.

Applications must be in ‘Complete” status in OTCAS and all application materials must be received by the application deadline of October 1, 2018.  Students who have met all admission requirements and rank in the top 72 on academic criteria will be invited to an on-campus interview.

This ranking will be determined at the time of application deadline and based on overall cumulative grade point average, prerequisite grade point average and GRE scores. Should any interview spot become available, applicants from the completed/qualified list will be contacted for remaining interview spots.

The final admission ranking will be determined based on overall cumulative grade point average, prerequisite grade point average, GRE and interview score.  Typically, interviews are to be scheduled in November or early December.  This year, interview day will be the first Saturday in December. The interview is required for both in- and out-of-state invited applicants.  


  1.  IUPUI Online Graduate Application for Admission and $60 non-refundable application fee. This must be completed by October 1st For “Intended Program and Plan,” select the following:
    • What type of degree do you intend to pursue? Doctoral/PhD
    • Academic Program: Health and Rehabilitation Professional
    • Academic Plan: Doctor of Occupational Therapy (Entry Level)
    • Are you applying to a dual degree program: No

    • Term: Summer 2019
    • Recommendations: skip this section
    • Personal Statement: skip this section

2.  OTCAS application—must be in “Complete” status by application deadline.  “Complete” status means all application materials submitted to OTCAS have been received and documented by OTCAS. Applicants must submit materials to OTCAS several weeks in advance of this date in order to be considered “Complete” by the application deadline.  Applications which are not in “Complete” status by application deadline or which are submitted after the application deadline will not be reviewed.

3.  OT Observation form: A minimum total of 40 hours of observation, in at least three (3) different types of occupational therapy settings with a licensed occupational therapist or a licensed occupational therapy assistant, is required. Observation forms must be completed and signed by the occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant at each site.  More than one form may be used to document one or more settings.  Observation forms must be submitted by the October 1st application deadline.

4.  Prerequisite Course Completion Form: upload and submit with the IUPUI Graduate Application.

5.  Declaration of Intent to Complete Degree Requirements Form: Submit the completed form with the IUPUI Graduate Application, uploading it in the “Department Information/Additional Upload” section. 

You need to submit the above form if you do not currently hold a baccalaureate (bachelor’s) degree by the October 1st application deadline. Note: All degree requirements must be completed before the start of classes in May.  All coursework must be completed prior to the start of the program in May. Those applying without a degree will be required to submit a final transcript with proof of degree awarded. Applicants holding a bachelor’s degree at the time of application do not need to submit the Declaration of Intent to complete Degree Requirements form.