Skeletal Muscle Biology and Function Laboratory

Advanced chronic kidney disease results in marked skeletal muscle loss and dysfunction which leads to  increased falls, morbidity and mortality.  Despite the clinical implications associated with impaired function, lower quality of life and the economic impact associated with falls, little is known regarding the mechanisms of skeletal muscle loss and dysfunction.  Further, clinical interventions such as exercise, augmenting parathyroid hormone and antioxidants, that target skeletal muscle loss and dysfunction have limited benefit. 

A female student works with scientific equipment.

We aim to demonstrate that appropriately prescribed exercise in CKD patients can mitigate the progression of the disease, providing prevention and treatment along the continuum of care.  Further, identify the role of common clinical interventions (i.e. parathyroidectomy, myostatin inhibition) have significant effect on skeletal muscle health.  We study skeletal muscle health through a translation approach that utilizes both small animal models (i.e. rodent) and patients with chronic kidney disease.     

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