Research Overview

SHRS Research Initiatives

A student coaches four patients using resistance tubes as they sit in chairs.

The mission of the Center for Translational Musculoskeletal Research is to advance health by performing studies into the normal and abnormal form and functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

The Student Learning and Research Facilitation Lab for students and rehabilitation researchers in the basement of Coleman Hall is an innovative and flexible learning, skills practice, and mentored SHRS learning and research environment.

Occupational Therapy Research Initiatives

The Community Mobility and Participation in Society (COMPASS) Lab is a virtual lab that focuses on enabling access to public transportation for those who are transportation disadvantaged.

The Driving Safety and Rehabilitation Research Lab aims to improve social participation through driving and community mobility.

Physical Therapy Research Initiatives

A student works with a patient who stands supported by a harness.

Researchers at the Pulmonary Physiology Lab aim to do three things:

  • Evaluate exercise as therapy for patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH)
  • Develop the novel use of 2-photon microscopy of fresh human skin biopsies for in-vivo investigation of diseases of epithelial transport
  • Further develop and utilize intravital microscopyResearchers at the Indiana Center for Advanced Neurorehabilitation (ICAN) strive to be the pre-eminent leaders in innovative neurological-based treatment.

The Motion Analysis and Biomechanics Research Lab (MABRL) is a multi-faceted research lab that is dedicated to investigating, understanding, and treating both normal and abnormal human movement.

The Bone Physiology Lab researchers investigate genetic factors that influence periosteal bone apposition at the tissue and cellular level using animal models.

The researchers in the Rehabilitation and Integrative Therapy (RIT) Lab focus on understanding recover after disability, and how to best deliver new, and proven, rehabilitation and integrative medicine interventions. This lab is utilized by both the physical therapy and occupational therapy departments.

The main goal of the Silver Hoosiers-Health and Aging Research Lab is to promote independence in seniors.